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Mix and Mix Meal Plan

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Next deliveries on Sunday, Dec 11 (GTA) • Monday, Dec 12 (Ottawa) • Tuesday, Dec 13 (Rest of Ontario)

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Spend more time enjoying delicious meals and less time planning, shopping and cooking for them. This plan is made up of variety of our healthy meals and each meal is portion controlled to help you maintain a healthy diet!


  • Portion Controlled
  • Includes Macro-Nutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbs)
  • Includes Calorie Count
  • Low Carb or Keto friendly options also available

How to Order

Select your meal size, (Individual or Family), number of meals (as many as you'd like!) and then   click on "Select Menu Options" button above to select your meals. It's easy and fast!

    About The Meals


    Do you have family sized meals?

    Yes we provide two portion sizes: Individual and Family. Family size portion is enough for 2 adults and 2 kids.

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    How Does It Work?


    How will the process work?

    1. Select the Meal Plan you want to subscribe from our Subscription Plan section. Our Mix and Match Meal Plan is the most popular. 
    2. Select the portion Size. We have Individual and Family sizes. 
    3. Select the Number of Meals per Week that you'd like to order. Price is based on the portion size and the number of meals you choose. 
    4. Select the Number of Weeks of Subscription.
    5. Click on Select Choices button to select the items you want to order for the first week. You can change this selection every week of your subscription from your account. 
    6. Select the menu items and complete the checkout process. 
    7. Your food will be delivered on Tuesdays (GTA) or Wednesdays (Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph) between 5pm to 9pm. 
    8. You will receive a text message informing when the driver is on the way.
    9. Every week you can go into your account and select different menu items.

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    When is the order deadline?

    The deadline for ordering each week is Midnight on Saturday to receive order on the next delivery day for your specific area.

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