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Frequently Asked Questions

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About the Meals

Do the meals come already prepared? + Yes, the meals come already prepared.
Can the meals be refrigerated? + Yes, the meals can be refrigerated for one week. They should be frozen for anything longer than 1 week.
How long does the food last? + We recommend consuming the meals during the week you receive them. In addition, some meals can be frozen to extend the shelf-life.
How many meals can I order in an order? + You can order a minimum of 5 meals per order up to as many you want!
Do you cater to vegetarians? + We will develop vegetarian and vegan meal plans over the coming weeks. Please subscribe to our mailing list and you will be notified of new additions.
Is your meat Halal? + Yes, we only source our meat that is hand-slaughtered halal. We are certified halal by HMA.
Are you HMA CERTIFIED? + We are HMA certified. You can find us at
Do you accommodate allergies? + We have special accommodation for those with nut allergies. Please email us with your order number and special instructions within our order deadline, so we could accommodate your request.
Do you have larger or family sized meals? + Yes we provide three portion sizes: Individual (1 serving per meal), Couple (2 servings per meal) and Family (4 servings per meals).
How do I heat my meals? + All of our meal containers are microwave-safe and BPA-free. Open a corner of the lid and microwave for desired minutes (if your meal contains any sauce containers, remove those before heating). You may have to stir in-between for even heating. Heating time will vary depending on the power of your appliance and personal preference.
Will the meals be the same every order? + No, we have a rotating menu. The new menu for the following week is posted on Wednesdays.
When is your new menu posted? + The new menu for the following week is posted on Wednesdays.
Where do you prepare your meals? + Our meals are prepared and packed at a HACCP-certified, strictly-Halal commercial kitchen located in Toronto.

Placing Orders

How does the process work? +
    Choose your city and select a delivery date that best suits your preferences from the available options.
  1. Select the Meal Plan you want to order from. Our Mix and Match Meal Plan is the most popular.
  2. Select the portion size. We have Individual and Family sizes.
  3. Select the Number of Meals per Week that you'd like to order. Price is based on the portion size and the number of meals you choose.
  4. Select the Number of Weeks of Subscription.
  5. Click on the Select Menu Options button to select the items you want to order for the first week. You can change this selection every week of your subscription from your account. The order is updated automatically, based on your previous selection if the menu changes and no selection is made by you.
  6. Select the menu items and complete the checkout process.
  7. Your food will be delivered on the scheduled delivery day. The delivery date will be sent in the Order Confirmation email.
  8. You will receive a text message with a tracking link when the driver is on the way.
When should I select my meals for subscription orders? +

To ensure that your meal selections are accurately reflected in your order, please keep in mind the following schedule:

  1. Our menu is updated every Wednesday for deliveries scheduled for the following Wednesday and Sunday thereafter.
  2. For Sunday deliveries: The deadline for meal selection is Monday midnight. Meal selections can be made starting from the previous Wednesday.
  3. For Wednesday deliveries: Meal selections must be made between the preceding Wednesday and Friday midnight
How do I pay for my meals? + Our online store allows you to select the meal plan you require and pay using a credit card. For subscriptions, you will be billed on a weekly basis and the amount will be charged to your credit card.
When is the order deadline? + We provide delivery services twice a week, with ordering deadlines set for every Sunday and every Wednesday. If you submit your order before midnight on Saturday, you have the option to choose delivery on either Wednesday or the upcoming Sunday. Orders placed between Saturday midnight and Tuesday midnight will be delivered on the following Sunday. Delivery days are adjusted for certain cities. Deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area are on Wednesdays and Sundays, while deliveries in the Greater Ottawa Area and Greater Montreal Area are on Thursdays and Mondays, and the rest of Ontario are on Fridays and Tuesdays.
Can I cancel my subscription? + You can cancel your subscription at any time before midnight on either Friday or Monday, depending on when your order is scheduled for processing. There is no cancellation fee or penalty associated with this.

Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship the food? + Yes, we ship our meals throughout Ontario and in the Greater Montreal Area . We will be expanding the service to other major cities across Canada and USA over the coming months. Please email us if you would like us to come to your city.
If I order today, will I receive the meal today as well? + No, if you order today you will receive it on the upcoming delivery date. Not on the day that you ordered
When will the meals be delivered? + Deliveries are made once a week. Here’s a schedule of when to expect your delivery:
  • Sundays or Wednesdays: Greater Toronto Area (including London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Hamilton, Niagara)
  • Mondays or Thursdays: Greater Ottawa Area/Kingston/Trenton/Brockville/Belleville and Greater Montreal Area
  • Mondays: Greater Montreal Area
  • Tuesdays (Wednesdays on long weekends) or Fridays: Rest of Ontario
How will my meals arrive? + Your meals will arrive in individual microwavable plastic containers packed in insulated bags along with ice packs.
How far do you deliver? + We deliver across Ontario and Greater Montreal Area in Quebec.
Do I have to be home when the order arrives? + You do not have to be home for delivery. Driver will leave the package at the door if you are not available, if he can access your building and your apartment/unit door. You are requested to provide your complete address including buzzer code (if any) so that the driver is able to access your building.
Can I cancel my subscription? + You can cancel your subscription at any time before midnight on either Friday or Monday, depending on when your order is scheduled for processing. There is no cancellation fee or penalty associated with this.