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Keto Meal Box

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Crafted by our clinical nutritionist - the Keto Meal Box!

Our Keto meals are not only delicious but they help you stay in ketosis! Each of our meals are designed to fit the Keto profile:

Low carb (5-10%)

High fat (70-80%)

Moderate protein (10-20%)

& absolutely delicious too!

It's never been easier to stay in ketosis with our Keto meals. No measuring, cooking, nothing. Just heat & eat!



✅ Delicious, flavourful meals

✅ Homemade touch, cooked by hand

✅ Fresh, made to order, never frozen

✅ Global cuisines and unique meals

✅ HMA-certified, hand-slaughtered


Meals are offered in varying sizes to support your lifestyle:

👨🏽 Individual (1 serving per meal)

👫🏽 Couple (2 servings per meal)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family (4 servings per meal)


🥘 Our new menus are posted every Thursday!


🇨🇦 We offer Ontario-wide shipping with two delivery dates every week!


Easy ordering in just 4 steps:

1 - Set your delivery date, number of meals and portion sizes

2 - Order for 1 week or subscribe for weekly deliveries

3 - Choose your meals and place your order

That's it! For most, it takes only 3 minutes to place an order. That's roughly the same amount of time it'll take you to heat your meals when you get them delivered to your doorstep.🙂


You're more than welcome to chat with our awesome team through the website chat - it's the fastest way to get assistance with any ordering issues or questions! 💪🏽